Great Hills Park

Great Hills Parks Trails

By Eric Potter, Chairman (2000-2017), Great Hills Park trails committee

Our park is located where the headwaters of Bull Creek nibble into the south edge of the Jollyville Plateau. Venture into the canyons and you are in a new world. Welcome to the Great Hills Park trail system! Explore more than a mile of trails through old farm meadows and in the shady forest along our many creeks.

Built by volunteers with expert guidance from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, the trails are used by many people. They enjoy hiking, seeing the wildflowers and wildlife, exploring the creeks and springs, and just experiencing nature. Many come to walk their dogs, who enjoy playing in the pools.

The trails are maintained for easy hiking, with short climbs in a couple of areas. Mountain bikers generally find our trails to be too short.

Please see the informative kiosks at the Floral Park Drive and Sierra Oaks (“Playscape”) trailheads. Please be aware that there is no convenient parking at the Floral Park trailhead! There is plenty of parking at the Sierra Oaks and Foxway trailheads.

The main trail connects the Floral Park Trailhead to the upper trailheads at Sierra Oaks and Sierra Nevada (see map), crossing creeks five times along the way. A side trail explores a dense cedar forest and emerges at the Foxway trailhead, just off of Penny Creek Drive. This side trail passes by two of our most accessible springs – in the streambed just north of the park bench. After a heavy rain, there is a 6-foot waterfall along this same section of trail.

Another side trail takes you to the Fish Pool on one of the tributary streams. Approach the pool quietly and you will see bass and sunfish, and occasionally a snapping turtle.

Volunteers headed by Eric Potter maintain the trails on a continuous basis. We do major upgrades and repairs during Spring and Fall workdays. Everyone is welcome to help.

See you on the trails! “Take only pictures. Leave only footprints.”

We’d like to acknowledge these good people for their past work as chairmen of the trails committee: Yale Pearlson, Tony Flanders, and Jack Mynett.