Great Hills Park

Donate to Great Hills Park

Most of the facilities and amenities at Great Hills Park have been made possible by donations from park users, neighbors, local businesses and others in the community. Donations to the park have been used for a variety of major improvements, and are also used on an ongoing basis to purchase materials and supplies for maintenance of the trails, landscaping and other facilities.

Some of the things at Great Hills Park that have been made possible because of donations include:

  • The three green picnic tables (our first project)
  • Tools and materials for trail building and repairs
  • Materials and plants for landscaping the playscape
  • Materials to build the kiosks at the trail heads
  • Chimney swift tower
  • Trail signs
  • Meeting signs
  • The Pavilion
  • Exercise equipment
  • Pea gravel sandbox
  • Storage shed and lockers
  • Stone enclosure for the plants at the front of the park
  • Many donations to rescue the Sierra Vista III land so it could be added to the park
  • New Playground Equipment (installed in 2019)

Cash donations to Great Hills Park are tax deductible, and donations in any amount are very much appreciated.



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